Directors (1955 - 1976)

This page lists the directors - where known - of in-house productions at Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre, between 1955 and 1976; it does not include directors of touring companies or co-productions. For details of directors subsequent to this, visit the relative venue pages.

All information is drawn from research into programmes / playbills and reflects the information contained there.
Alan Ayckbourn: For productions directed by Alan Ayckbourn, visit the accompanying page here
Campbell Allen: Phedre (1958)
Arnold Beck: The Rainmaker (1962); The Pedagogue (1963); Rollo (1963); Barnstable (1963); The Pelican (1963); A Likely Tale (1963); Who Was Hilary Maconochie? (1963)
Alfred Bradley: The Day Dumbfounded Got His Pylon (1965); The Governor's Lady (1965); See The Pretty Lights (1965); Hop, Step And Jump (1967)
David Campton: Usher (1962); Fallen Angels (1963)
Peter Cheeseman: Death At The New Year (1962); Christmas V Mastermind (1962); The Station People (1962); The Birds And The Well-Wishers (1962); Nine Floors, Not Counting The Mezzanine (1962); The Man Of Destiny (1962); O'Flaherty VC (1962)
Pamela Craig: Ask Me Tomorrow (1969)
Janet Dale: The Christmas That Nearly Wasn't (1974); Charlie's Christmas Countdown (1975)
Rosamund Dickson: The Private Ear (1964); The Public Eye (1965)
Bob Eaton: Brontës (1975); What The Devil! (1975)
Matyelok Gibbs: Tranio's Box (1972)
Lewin Goff: Affairs Of State (1963)
Christopher Godwin: All Together Now (1973)
Clive Goodwin: The Glass Menagerie (1957); Honey In The Stone (1957); An Inspector Calls (1957)
Harry Hancock: Office Of Information (1956)
Julian Hetherington: Love After All (1960); Wuthering Heights (1960)
Stephen Joseph: Circle Of Love (1955); 'Prentice Pillar (1955); Dragons Are Dangerous (1955); Turn Right At The Crossroads (1955); Wuthering Heights (1956); Idol In The Sky (1956); I Have Been Here Before (1957); Captain Carvallo (1958); Dial M For Murder (1958); Ring Of Roses (1958); A Sense Of Loss (1958); Frankenstein (1959); The Square Cat (1959); Viennese Interlude (1959); Halfway To Heaven (1959); Huis Clois (1959); The Ark (1960); Out Of The Flying Pan (1960); A View From The Brink (1960); Soldier From The Wars Returning (1960); Mutatis Mutandis (1960); Five Finger Exercise (1960); Standing Room Only (1961); Victoria Regina (1961); Little Brother, Little Sister (1961); The Bed Life Of A Mad Boy (1961); We've Minds Of Our Own (1961); At Sea (1961); The Pariah (1963); Comeback (1963); Dead And Alive (1964); Cock And Bull Story (1965); Meet My Father (1965)
David de Keyser: Father Matthew (1956)
Terry Lane: Stranger In The Family (1961); Private Lives (1964); The Tiger And The Horse (1964)
Joan Macalpine: The Promise (1968); A Boat In The Backyard (1968)
Stanley Page: Having A Lovely Time (1973); On Approval (1974)
Caroline Smith: The American Dream (1970); The Sandbox (1970); One For The Road (1971); Revenge (1971); Under Milk Wood (1971); The Daughter-In-Law (1971)
George Taylor: Granite (1965); The Play Of Mata Hari (1965)
Paul Webster: A View From The Bridge (1975)
Clifford Williams: The Disguises Of Arlecchino (1956); Call The Selkie Home (1956); Miss Julie (1959); Love After All (1959); Dad's Tale (1960)
Rodney Wood: Getting And Spending (1957); Lucky Peter's Travels (1957); The Ornamental Hermit (1957); A Smell Of Burning (1957); Memento Mori (1957); Then... (1957); Look Back In Anger (1957); Martine (1958); Squaring The Circle (1958); The Man With A Flower In His Mouth (1958); Love And Chance (1958); Who Cares? (1958); Alas, Poor Fred (1959); Easter (1959); Bell, Book And Candle (1959); Romeo And Jeanette (1967); Eden End (1967); Hay Fever (1968); The Strongbox (1968); Arden Of Feversham (1968)
Graham Woodruff: Bitter Harvest (1965); March Of Time (1965)

All research for this section by Simon Murgatroyd. Please do not reproduce without crediting Simon Murgatroyd and the website.