Stephen Joseph Theatre: 2005

This page contains a more detailed guide to significant events concerning the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, in 2005.


  • Year-Round: The SJT celebrates the 50th anniversary of theatre in the round in Scarborough.
  • 17 February - 12 March: The first - and last - Micro Musicals season is launched highlighting new musicals in The McCarthy and featuring Spittin' Distance by Toby Davies and Grant Holding, The Jonah Boy by Jane Buckler and Richard Taylor and A Beginner's Guide to Cybershopping by Laurie Sansom and Liz Kaye.
  • 21 April: Private Fears in Public Places returns to the SJT due to public demand before transferring to the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, and then a a month long run in New York.
  • 27 April: Open Captioned performances begin for every in-house production at the SJT.
  • 13 May: SJT birthday concert with Janie Dee.
  • 9 June: Private Fears in Public Places opens at the 59E59 Theatres, New York, and is a sensation generating some of the best reviews of Alan Ayckbourn's entire career. It will begin a regular transfers of an Ayckbourn production to the festival.
  • 16 June: Rotunda Rounders sees the Stephen Joseph Youth Theatre, the Rotunda Museum and local development agency CREATE begin a multi-year tribute to the life and work of the geologist William Smith.
  • 30 June: World premiere of Playing God, the professional playwriting debut of famed TV writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.
  • Summer: The sixth Ayckbourn and the Round theatre school.
  • 2 July: Platform talk with Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.
  • 14 July: The 50th anniversary of the opening Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre is marked by a blue plaque recognising the event on exterior of Scarborough Library. A series of performance extracts are performed at each of the company's three homes.
  • 14 July: A 50th anniversary party is held after the opening night of Alan Ayckbourn's revival of his play Confusions.
  • 15 July: Signed performances for every in-house production are launched at the SJT.
  • 28 July: The Gallery's new exhibition celebrates 50 years of theatre in the round in Scarborough.
  • 9 August - 13 August: Fifty Years New is a five night event looking at the history of theatre in the round in Scarborough decade by decade hosted by Alan Ayckbourn an featuring extracts from productions through the years with a guest cast.
  • 13 August: Fifty Years New ends with a rehearsed reading - and unique performance - of Alan Ayckbourn's Unfinished Farce.
  • 20 October: World premiere of Villette adapted by Lisa Evans from Charlotte Brontë's novel. This marked the first and only collaboration between the SJT and acclaimed dance creators Frantic Assembly.
  • 24 October: The Duchess of Gloucester visits the SJT as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations.
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