Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre: 1966

This page contains a more detailed guide to significant events concerning Scarborough's Theatre in the Round at the Library in 1966. Further details about the amateur season which was staged in place of the professional season can be found here.


  • Following a significant dispute over the direction of the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent, the venue passes into the hands of a local trust from Studio Theatre Ltd (which begins to be wound down).
  • Ken Boden organises an amateur in-the-round season at The Library Theatre under the banner of the British Drama League; whilst working on plans to restore professional theatre in 1967. "I decided to keep it [The Library Theatre] going. At first, Stephen [Joseph] wasn't very pleased. I think he thought I was trying to show him how to run a theatre. But, eventually, he realised that I only wanted to keep the theatre open."
  • 27 March: Alan Plater's play See The Pretty Lights, which had premiered at Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre in 1965, is broadcast on BBC Radio with Alfred Bradley directing the original company of Pamela Craig and David Jarrett.
  • May: Stephen Joseph is diagnosed with cancer. Despite an operation several weeks later, it is diagnosed as terminal and Stephen is largely bed-bound for the next 18 months.
  • 7 July: An amateur season opens at The Library Theatre and runs until 27 August run under the auspices of the British Drama League.
  • Scarborough Town Council approves a grant for a professional season in 1967 of Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre as well as offering to cover any losses.
  • The fascia advertising Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre outside Scarborough Library is sold to the Scarborough branch of the British Drama League; although it would continue to be used for the duration of the company's residency at the venue.
  • 12 October: Stephen Joseph steps down as Chairman of Scarborough Theatre Trust at a board meeting and - with a settlement of its outstanding debts of £50 - the trust is essentially re-launched. The meeting closes….
  • 12 October: Following the board meeting, Scarborough Theatre Trust holds its Annual General Meeting in which Dr N. Walsh is appointed Chairman of Scarborough Theatre Trust and the company is, to all intent and purposes, re-launched. Ken Boden is appointed secretary and Rodney Wood is appointed Director of Productions for the 1967 professional season. The company is relaunched with a working balance of £58 and 12 shillings.
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