Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round: 1991

This page contains a more detailed guide to significant events concerning Scarborough's Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round in 1991.


  • It is reported the Friends of the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round has more than 750 members drawn from throughout the world including North America, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.
  • February: The former theatre manager Ken Boden dies, aged 70; he was involved with the theatre since it was founded in 1955 until his retirement in 1985.
  • To help raise money towards the new theatre - and to clear space in wardrobe - a sale of costumes and accessories takes place with everything priced at £1.
  • 1 May: The Spring / Summer season opens with the world premiere of Alan Ayckbourn's Wildest Dreams. It is the first play at the Stephen Joseph Theatre to feature a kiss between two same sex characters.
  • 5 June: World premiere of The Village Fête by Peter Tinniswood; originally written for the radio, this marked the stage premiere of the popular play.
  • 12 June: World premiere of Tim Firth's A Man Of Letters marking the playwright's first professional production; Tim would go on to an award-winning career as playwright and screenwriter for television and film including the film and hit musical Calendar Girls.
  • 25 September: The Autumn / Winter season opens with Jim Cartwright's To.
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