Stephen Joseph Theatre: Actors: (S - Z)

This page lists the actors (surnames A - F) who performed at the Stephen Joseph Theatre between 1996 and 2008. Actors who appeared at Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre (1955 - 1976) and the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round (1976 - 1995) can be found in the link in the right-hand column.

All information is drawn from research into programmes / playbills and reflects the information contained there. Only professional, main-house productions are listed.
Howard Saddler: The Champion Of Paribanou (1996); Mirandolina (1996)
Rachel Sanders: The Farmer's Bride (1997)
Cathy Sara: By Jeeves (1996); Haunting Julia (1999)
Danny Scheinmann: The Jollies (2002)
Nick Searle: They're Playing Our Song (1997); Just A Song At Lunchtime (1997)
Katy Secombe: Bedroom Farce (2000)
Gary Sefton: Parting Shots (2003)
Alison Senior: Body Language (1999); House & Garden (1999); Knights In Plastic Armour (1999)
Maggie Service: Spending Frank (2005); The Firebird (2005); Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays (2006)
Paul Sharma: Honk! (1997)
Michael Shaw: Bedroom Farce (2000)
Caroline Sheen: Spittin' Distance (2005); The Jonah Boy (2005); A Beginner's Guide To Cybershopping (2005)
Tom Sherman: The Champion Of Paribanou (2005); Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays (2006)
David Sibley: Playing God (2005)
Malcolm Sinclair: By Jeeves (1996)
Jane Slavin: All Things Considered (1996)
Nicola Sloane: A Doll's House (1998); The Boy Who Fell Into A Book (1998); Cheap And Cheerful (1998); Whenever (2000)
Roger Sloman: Love's A Luxury (2004); A Chorus Of Disapproval (2004)
Marc Small: The Champion Of Paribanou (2005); A Trip To Scarborough (2007)
Mark Spalding: The Swing Of Things (2007)
Janet Spencer-Turner: The Game Hunter (2003); Equal Partners (2003)
Danny Spring: Forty Years On (1996); A Going Concern (1996)
Richard Stacey: If I Were You (2007 tour); A Trip To Scarborough (2007); Haunting Julia (2008); Life And Beth (2008)
Cameron Stewart: Things We Do For Love (1997); Love Letters (1997)
Paula Stockbridge: Dealing With Clair (1996)
Ken Stott: Taking Steps (1990); Othello (1990)
Mark Stratton: Hobson's Choice (1999); Callisto#7 (1999); Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays (2006)
Jon Strickland: It Could Be Any One Of Us (1996); A Going Concern (1996)
Irene Sutcliffe: Love Me Slender (1996)
Lee Sutton: Body Language (1999); What Every Woman Knows (2000)
Tracey Sweetinburgh: Something Blue (2002)
Claire Swinburne: Improbable Fiction (2005); Playing God (2005)
Giles Taylor: Whenever (2000)
Peter Temple: Bedroom Farce (2000)
Lauren Terry: The Girl Who Lost Her Voice (2005)
Jo Theaker: They're Playing Our Song (1997); Just A Song At Lunchtime (1997); The Jollies (2002)
Paul Thornley: Private Fears In Public Places (2005)
Jake Thornton: The Game Hunter (2003)
Jason Thorpe: Mirandolina (1996)
Lee Threadgold: Around The World With Billy Brite (2003); Thumbelina (2003); Barnacle Ben And The Pirate's Map (2004); The Firebird (2005); Sleeping Beauty (2006)
David Timson: Wild Honey (1996)
Gilly Tompkins: Fly Me To The Moon (2004)
Susan Tordoff: Alas, Poor Fred (1997); Lucky Sods (1997)
Susan Trayling: Skylight (2006)
Lucy Tregear: By Jeeves (1996)
Eleanor Tremain: The Champion Of Paribanou (1996); The Star Throwers (2002); Beautiful People (2002)
Joel Trill: Sleeping Beauty (2006)
Beth Tuckey: GamePlan (2001); FlatSpin (2001); RolePlay (2001); Secondhand Dreams (2001)
Andrew Turner: Fields Of Gold (2004)
Pauline Turner: The Champion Of Paribanou (1996)
Susan Twist: Soap (2004); Fields Of Gold (2004); Miss Yesterday (2004); My Own Show (2006)
Joanna Van Gyseghem: Wild Honey (1996); Things We Do For Love (1997); Love Letters (1997); Bedroom Farce (2000)
Anthony Venditti: Mirandolina (1996)
Stephen Ventura: Villette (2005)
Sue Vincent: Spending Frank (2005)
Tabitha Wady: It Could Be Any One Of Us (1996)
Joanna Wake: Unless (2005)
Carol Walton: The Princess And The Mouse (2002)
Niky Wardley: Making Waves (2003)
Hannah Waterman: Soap (2004)
Ed Waters: The Star Throwers (2002)
James Weaver: Making Waves (2003)
John Wheatley: Dealing With Clair (1996)
Matthew White: Awaking Beauty (2008)
Geoffrey Whitehead: Wild Honey (1996); Bedroom Farce (2000); This Is Where We Came In (2001)
Jeffrey Wickham: Wild Honey (1996)
Robert Wilfort: The Jollies (2002)
Glynn Williams: This Is Where We Came In (2001)
Leon Williams: Skylight (2006)
Nigel Williams: Whenever (2000)
Judy Wilson: What Every Woman Knows (2000); Fields Of Gold (2004)
Iain Winstanley: A Chorus Of Disapproval (2004)
Keith Woodason: A Christmas Carol (2009)
Billie-Claire Wright: Drowning On Dry Land (2004); Private Fears In Public Places (2004); A Chorus Of Disapproval (2004)
Gillian Wright: Something Blue (2002)
Kate Young: By Jeeves (1996)
Patrick Young: The Jollies (2002)
Philip York: The Game Hunter (2003); Love's A Luxury (2004); A Chorus Of Disapproval (2004); Miss Yesterday (2004); Relatively Speaking (2007); Face Value (2007)
All research for this section by Simon Murgatroyd. Please do not reproduce without crediting Simon Murgatroyd and the website.