Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre: 1964

This page contains a more detailed guide to significant events concerning Scarborough's Theatre in the Round at the Library in 1964.


  • As with the 1963 productions, the professional summer season is presented by Theatre In The Round Ltd.
  • 4 June: The summer season opens with a double bill of Peter Shaffer's The Private Ear and The Public Eye.
  • 18 July: It is resolved Scarborough Theatre Trust be incorporated as a company based at Stephen Joseph's Scarborough home with Maurice Plows as secretary. The board consists of Ken Boden, Alfred Bradley, David Campton, Stephen Joseph and Maurice Plows.
  • 11 August: Scarborough Theatre Trust is incorporated as a company and will be responsible for the running of the Scarborough company from 1965 to the present day at its various venues.
  • Scarborough Town Council agrees to guarantee the theatre's summer season against loss; it is not clear if this had been in place prior to the formation of Scarborough Theatre Trust. Although a positive benefit to the company at the time, the guarantee would in later years lead to issues in clearing the company's overdraft.
  • September: It is reported the 1964 summer season has been the most successful yet for Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre.
  • 15 September: The Scarborough Theatre Trust board resolves that a professional company for the 1965 season be created in conjunction with the Drama Department of the University Of Manchester; where Stephen Joseph also works as a lecturer.
  • Frustrated by the lack of response from the Library Committee regarding his requests for help to improve Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre, Stephen Joseph tells the Scarborough Theatre Trust board he sees no long-term future for Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre.
  • 16 December: Stephen Joseph appointed Chairman of Scarborough Theatre Trust.
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